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Membership Details

To access the Fab Lab DU, you have to be a member, either individually or affiliated through your institution. Members should pay a fee which contributes partly to its running, equipment’s maintenance and new purchases. All Members can access the Fab Lab during the public hours: Sunday to Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. All members have to attend an introduction workshop for learning how to use the machines (laser cutter, 3D printer or CNC mill). Some machines have an hourly rate which changes depending on the member formula chosen. Members bring their own materials or can buy them directly to us (see our prices). They come with their laptop to prepare their work and files.

Members respect the sharing and exchanging and opening’s values of the FabLab’s community and the FabLab’s Charter. Members do not use the Fab Lab for commercial productions.


What Fab lab offers to its members

Fab lab has become a common workplace for regular undergraduate and graduate students of EEE, Mechatronics & Robotics, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology to name a few. This lab offers :

  • 3D modeling and prototyping
  • Product design and testing
  • Consultancy and Advisory services
  • Educational and Commercial Printed Circuit Board design for Electronic and IoT devices
  • Souvenir and gift items design

Training and Skill development on

  • 3D designing Software (Solidworks, Fusion360 etc)
  • PCB design: Software & Hardware
  • Laser Cutter, CNC Milling Machine, 3D printer
  • Microcontroller-based Embedded Systems


Membership and Machine Usages Rates:

The following rates have been compiled based on financial plans of other FAB Labs and our own country’s socioeconomic status.

Membership Grade Membership Fees (Half Yearly) (BDT)
Junior Maker (Below Grade 9) 250
Amateur Maker (Grade 9 – Grade 12) 350
Apprentice Maker – Family (1st Year to 4th Year of DU) 500
Apprentice Maker – Community (1st Year to 4th Year of other universities) 750
Scholarly Maker – Family (MS/PhD, faculty and alumni from DU) 850
Scholarly Maker – Community (MS/PhD, faculty from other universities) 1000
Maker Colleagues (for other FAB Labs) 1800
Maker Pro (for startups and businesses) 4500

Discounted rates are as follows:

Criteria Discount Amount (half yearly) (BDT)
Members of EEC, IEEE and ACM 100
Female 75
Age Group: Below 15 years old; Above 50 years old 75

Machine usage rates are as follows:

  • 3D Printer: Members: 5 TK per gm of material. Non Members: 10 TK per gm of material. 15 TK service charge for non members.
  • Laser Cutter: 10 TK service charge for non members. Material costs have to be bourn by user entirely except the following cases with our own design:
    • Crests: Small: 250 TK. Medium: 350 TK. Large: 500 TK. (200, 300 and 400 TK for members)
    • Key Rings: Small: 15 TK, Large: 25 TK. (Members: 10 TK and 20 TK)
  • Vinyl Cutter: 5 TK per square inch of material for members, 10 TK for non-members. Service Charge: 10 TK for non members.
  • Other services:
    • Drilling: Free for members. 10 TK for non-members. Broken bits must be bought by the user.
    • Angle Grinding/Cutting: 10 Tk service charge for members. 20 TK service charge for non-members.
    • Soldering: Free for members. 20 TK for non-members.
    • Gluing: Free for members. 10 TK for non-members.
    • PCB Making: 40 TK service charge for members. 80 TK for non-members.
      • Single Layer without green masking (per square inch): 15 TK for members, 25 TK for non-members
      • Single Layer with green masking (per square inch): 20 TK for members, 30 TK for non-members
      • Double layer with green masking (per square inch): 30 TK for members, 45 TK for non-members.
  • Using components we procured from RFQ: We shall charge 7.5% of the actual component cost for members, 15% for non-members.

Consultancy and Design Fees

  • Consultancy and guidance is free for members. We shall charge 25% of the membership fees for non-members consultation fees.
  • For designing (which requires man hours), we shall charge the following:
    • Computer Aided Design (e.g. Solidworks, CorelDraw): 300-10000 BDT per design for members depending on complexity. 1000-30000 BDT for non-members per design.
    • PCB Designing: 150-400 BDT per design for members depending on complexity. 500-1000 BDT for non members per design.
    • App Development: 1000-10000 BDT for members per app; 4000-30000 per app for non-members.

Hardware Coding: 1000-10000 BDT for members per piece of program; 4000-20000 BDT for non-members.